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Igor Agamirzian
Igor Agamirzian
General Director, OJSC "Russian Venture Company", Moscow
Born on March 21, 1957, in Leningrad (present name St. Petersburg) In 1979 Mr. Agamirzyan graduated from the Leningrad State University, Applied Mathematics department. In 1986 he got Post-Graduate degree (Candidate of Science) on Physics and Mathematics Sciences in the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1979 1988 Mr. Agamirzyan worked in the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy at the USSR Academy of Sciences as an intern-researcher, then junior research scientist and research scientist. In 1984 1995 he lectured at the Leningrad Polytechnical Institutes Physics and Mechanics Department, the Chair of Calculus Mathematics. In 1988 1992 Mr. Agamirzyan worked as a senior research scientist in the Leningrad Institute of Informatics at the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1991 1995 he holds an office of a technical director at Astrosoft Ltd., authorized partner of Microsoft. In 1995 1996 he is a consultant at Microsoft Consultant/Microsoft Middle East (Dubai, UAE). In 1996 1997 he is a senior consultant and the head of the practice at Microsoft Consultant/Microsoft Middle East. In 1997 1999 he is the head of corporate department at Microsoft Russia, Microsoft Eastern Europe. In 1999 2003 he is the Universities Relations Manager at Microsoft Research Center (Great Britain). In 2003 2005 he is the Director of the Government Relations Department at Microsoft Russia, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe. In 2005 2007 he is the Strategic Director at the Presidents Cabinet of Microsoft Russia and CIS, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe. In 2007 2009 Mr. Agamirzyan is appointed the general director at St. Petersburg development center EMC2, EMC2 Corporation.
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