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KD Avia miring again

2 Sep '09
Kaliningrad-based air company KD Avia, burdened with huge debt to a number of suppliers and partners both in Russia and Europe, may halt its operations any time now, Russias Rosaviatsya air transportation supervisor announced today, citing a written warning from the air company.

According to the report, a $129m federal aid pledged in early summer and budgetary guarantees promised by the Kaliningrad regional administration have not been provided yet. The reason for this is that KD Avia was expected to split its air transportation business and the management of the Kaliningrad airport an indispensable condition, upon which the aid could be released. But the air company has not honored its obligation yet.

Marchmont has repeatedly reported KD Avias financial woes, which began in late 2008 and were exacerbated this spring by the crisis. As of April, the companys outstanding payables reportedly topped $323m.
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