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In Siberia, TUSUR programs flight scenarios for drones

25 Aug '15
Researchers at the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) are developing software to program scenarios for automatic devices like drones. The XRobot programming language is said to be able to ensure an improved accuracy of crafts positioning, the TUSUR website announced.

The new solution may be used in both aircraft like multicopters, helicopters, airplanes or dirigibles and ground-based vehicles like wheeler and crawler platforms.

Drones are used widely across sectors now by both private individuals and commercial companies to make photographs and videos, deliver goods, assist rescue teams in searching for survivors, etc. One of the key challenges developers currently face is the improvement of software to make sure drone flights are safe and cause no accidents as a result of collisions with residential buildings, jets, power transmission lines, birds, etc.

According to the TUSUR developers, the XRobot programming language enables a drone to tap both GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems, what appears to be a cut above existing international analogs that only use GPS. This is expected to boost the accuracy of positioning considerably.

What makes the new software really unique, the developers continue, is the two-tier nature of the language. The lower level makes it possible to install the system on both existing families of drones and use it to develop new domestic Russian platforms. The higher level will enable the development of various scenarios for a multicopter.

According to the team, the system will enable a fully automated flight mode, with a drone capable of bypassing obstacles, returning to an originally determined trajectory, computing its landing, and looking for a suitable landing site in proximity to preset coordinates.
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