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Russian Railways to invest $170m into speed rail line to Knevichi airport in 2011

16 May '11
National rail operator Russian Railways has announced plans to invest $170m into the ongoing construction of a speed railway line between Vladivostok and Knevichi Airport in 2011.

The project started in early 2010. Last year the company spent a total of $20m on the project design documentation and start of construction.

Under the project, the company is to build a 4.8-kilometer rail line Post 13 km Knevichi Airport. The time between the two stations is reportedly to take the train 48 minutes.

The company is also to build railway passenger terminals in Vladivostok, Knevichi Airport, as well as stations Vtoraya Rechka, Ugolnaya and Airport Stop Point.

Total investment into the project, as well as its full timeframes, have yet to be disclosed.
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