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Philips innovation lights up railroad by Lake Baikal

23 May '14
Philips, the Dutch multisector giant, has completed the renovation of lighting systems at the Mogoituy railroad station east of Lake Baikal in Siberia as it continues cooperation with Russian Railways, reported, citing a source in the Russian office of the Dutch firm.

The project has reportedly brought together the latest innovation technologies in lighting large industrial spaces. The company has fully re-equipped the stations production area with LED-based systems using its proprietary Dynalite control system to monitor the process. The new solution is expected to help Russian Railways save up to 60% of electrical energy at this particular railroad section.

According to Marina Tyshchenko, the vice president and head of Philips Lighting Solutions in Russia and the former Soviet Union, at Mogoituy, will have not only succeeded in creating an innovative lighting system as energy-efficient as one could get, but we have also brought it in full compliance with the highest European standards and norms.
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