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ABSs $31.3m Ust-Luga oil terminal deal posted

13 May '09
Moscow-based multi-industry energy company ABS Energoproekt has inked a $31.3m contract with St.-Petersburg-based oil terminal builder Rosneftbunker for construction of power facilities at a bulk cargo section of the Ust-Luga sea mercantile port outside St. Petersburg, the contractor, ABS Energoproekt, reported today.

Under contract terms, in 2009, a 110kV aerial power line, the Slobodka 110kV substation and a 10kV cable power line will be built.

As it is reported, in early 2010 an oil-loading terminal is expected to be commissioned at the Ust-Luga port (the latter being currently under construction).

The projected capacity of the new terminal is 10.5 million tons of crude oil a year with the possibility to boost it to 13-14 million tons. The terminal will reportedly load tankers with an up to 120,000-ton displacement.

Rosneftbunker, the customer, has been set up specifically to manage construction of the terminal.

ABS Energoproekt, the contractor, is part of ABS Holdings, an international company operating in the electrical energy, oil, gas, metallurgic and other sectors.
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