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Khabarovsk chosen as HQ for VSTO pipeline project

2 Feb '09
Khabarovsk has been designated as a HQ for coordination of the East Siberia – the Pacific (VSTO) pipeline construction project to ensure oil supply to Asian and Pacific countries, RIA Novosti reported today, citing a source Khabarovsk’s Mayor Office.

Oil company Transneft is the general contractor for the VSTO project that is being carried out in two stages. One will soon connect Irkutsk Region’s Taishet with Skovorodino in Amur Region; the other is expected to supply oil from Skovorodino to Kozmino Harbor in Primorsky Region.

According to deputy CEO of the VSTO project Vladimir Volkov, the first stage will be completed in late 2009, followed by the start of construction of the second one worth approximately $14.3bn. The pipeline will go through four regions: Amur, Evreiskaya Autonomous (Jewish Autonomous region), Khabarovsk, and Primorsky.

It is expected to install the pipeline’s projected capacity of 80 million tons a year by 2014-2015, Mr. Volkov said.

All construction works are to be completed by 2012, he added.