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Sheremetyevo and RF club together to make $600m Vladivostok air hub

21 Jan '09
CEO of Sheremetyevo International Airport Mikhail Vasilenko unveiled today the company’s intention to invest around $150m in the creation of a new air hub in Vladovostok.

Kommersant reported today that Sheremetyevo was planning to get credit to undertake the project. In addition, the federal government is expected to invest another $440m.

Sheremetyevo is considering investment in this new logistics hub as Vladivostok is getting ready for the hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in 2012, Kommersant also said.

Mr. Vasilenko told media his company would participate in construction of a powerful cargo terminal and an airport with the capacity of 4-5 million passengers a year.
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