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Far Eastern firm puts together smart cities

3 Sep '21
Digital Primorye, a Russian company developing smart city systems, is working on an array of digital services and high tech systems in such sectors as transport, public utilities, education, health care, and some others.

The company focuses on its home Primorye, a Far Eastern Russian region that borders North Korea and China. More than 30 such services are expected to start operation by April 2022.

Digital Primorye has long-term plans to introduce an integrated digital portal and unified cards for each Primorye resident which would digitize the providing of all government services and social benefits, as well as payments for public utilities and transportation, and would also facilitate local residentsí access to municipal decision-making.

In the bigger regional cities, including Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Artyom and Ussuriisk, new municipal infrastructure is expected to appear, such as heated public transportation stops, smart traffic lights and street lighting, and more.