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Online course PR in social networks for B2B (June 23, 2020)

2 Jun '20
What and how to do B2B business on social networks?

About this will tell the chief editor of the Press Service magazine Timur Aslanov in his online training course PR in social networks for B2B, which starts on June 23.

Why B2B business PR in social networks? What tasks can he solve? Is it possible to bring customers with it? How does this affect your reputation? How is it reflected in the company's profit?

Such questions are very relevant for companies operating in the B2B market and many PR specialists are looking for answers to them. And we will offer these answers in our course.

5 live online lessons of an hour and a half each. Practice, case study, exercises and brainstorming, working with case studies of course participants.

In the program:
- A strategy for working in social networks for a B2B business. Trends in social networks in 2020. Errors of promoting B2B business on social networks.
- Informational reasons for promoting B2B business in social networks. Where to get them. How to adapt. How to use newsjacking and generate viral publications.
- How to fill the pages and communities of B2B business on social networks. Subjects for publications. Visual content for social networks.
- How to write business texts for social networks. How to attract the attention of the reader. How to make texts bring results.

These and other issues that are important for working on social networks of any PR-specialist of a B2B company will be discussed as much as possible in the classroom.

Author and moderator: Timur Aslanov
- chief editor of the Press Service magazine,
- an expert in the field of effective communications and PR,
- is included in the list of 27 best business trainers of Russia according to the results of the study of the magazine Human Resource Management
- Member of the Russian Association of Public Relations,
- Organizer, moderator and speaker of leading international business conferences,
- Author of books PR texts. How to hook the reader?, Distinguish yourself! Personal brand is a weapon of mass impression and others.

You can view the program of the online course and apply for participation HERE or call tel. 8-495-540-52-76
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