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'EFFECTIVE PRESS SERVICE-2020 (Moscow, April 23-24, 2020)

17 Feb '20
Two days of reports on the most pressing issues in the work of PR specialists. Two thematic streams of reports: public relations in business and public relations in state structures.

The conference is held annually by the Press Service magazine and gathers more than 200 public relations directors, press service managers, heads of PR departments, press secretaries, PR managers and PR specialists from all over Russia and the CIS countries give them the most relevant, effective and proven tools for the job.

28 speakers. Networking session. Express consulting. Fresh cases and new techniques.

What will be discussed at the conference:
1. Building an effective PR strategy for 2020.
2. Optimization of the PR budget: how to get more for less money.
3. Copywriting for PR: how to make PR texts more effective
4. Anti-crisis PR: what to do if everything went wrong in the government or in business?
5. PR or marketing - who will win? What marketing tools should a PR specialist master today.
6. The place of the press service in the organization: how to convey the importance and need of your work to the leadership and team.
7. Why do we need journalists if we ourselves can become the media. New vector of PR work.
8. Intracorporate PR: 5 most effective tools.
9. PR in B2B - current tools and cases.
10. PR in the non-profit sector - how to promote public organizations and projects.
11. Where to get informational occasions if nothing happens.
12. How to counter the flow of negativity on the Internet and protect your reputation.
13. How to work with opposition-minded journalists and hostile media.
14. Creative work of PR man: where to get new ideas.
15. Provocations in PR: how to achieve the effect by unexpected methods.
16. Technology for evaluating the effectiveness of PR communications.
17. The specifics of PR work with various media.
18. PR without intermediaries: how to work directly with the target audience.
19. Actual PR tools on the Internet.
20. New techniques for promoting the organization, company, person, brand.

A detailed conference program and registration on the site:
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