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Public Relations in Social Networks (Moscow, February 12-14, 2020)

10 Feb '20
'What should a PR manager do in social networks in 2020?'

Already this week - February 12-14 - the annual international practical conference 'Public Relations in Social Networks 2020' starts in Moscow.

The latest cases and the most relevant promotion methods on social networks in speaker reports:
- SMM-strategy-2020,
- Reputation management and work with the negative,
- The brand and reputation of the head: the pros and cons,
- Personal brand of the owner and promotion of the company - 5 tools,
- Yandex.Den through the eyes of a blogger and agency leader,
- VKontakte business page: how to fill and how to promote,
- Classmates: more than a social network,
- Instagram Secrets: how to solve PR problems,
- 10 meaningful scenarios for using SMM for B2B companies,
- How to create an army of micro-influencers and brand evangelists using social networks,
- The right search for ideas for content marketing,
- UGC content as one of the main trends of 2020,
- How to write in social networks about business so that you are read,
- How to grow brand ambassadors with the help of community management, etc.

The star composition of the speakers is Timur Aslanov, Dmitry Sidorin, Maria Azarenok, Maya Bogdanova, Pavel Borisov, Sergey Stukalov, Svetlana Krylova, Julia Magas, Vlad Titov and others.

Also, the conference will host a traditional networking session, at which the organizers will introduce each other to each other using a special proprietary technology.

A great opportunity at the beginning of the year not only to get the most relevant knowledge and tools for PR work, but also to chat and meet colleagues from all over Russia and the CIS and recharge with a powerful charge of motivation.

Remained a week before the start. Right now go to the site https://clck.ru/LxbGa and send an application for participation. And in a week you will begin to receive powerful insights, record cool ideas and apply new techniques from speakers and tips from other conference participants.
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