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Looking for uninterrupted Internet in public places? Solution is here

5 Jul '22
Scientists at the NETI State Technical University in Novosibirsk, in Southern Siberia, have developed a new directional Wi-Fi antenna that is reported to send out a stable Internet signal in highly crowded places like stadiums or subway stations.

According to Prof. Maksim Stepanov who leads the development team, the key competitive advantage the new beam antenna brings is a combination of winning technical characteristics and its very compact dimensions.

The product features eight antenna arrays, four in each frequency range, and is powered by an advanced technology called MIMO 4×4 (Multiple Input Multiple Output, a method of spatial signal coding which considerably increases channel bandwidth).

The approach in general is no news to the market; there are analogs developed internationally. However, the NETI team believes they have “outperformed international developers in a number of parameters.”