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Rostelecom lays fiber-optic line to Magadan region

2 Aug '11
Russian united communication operator Rostelecom has started preliminary works for a project to lay fiber-optic communication line from the town of Okha in the North of Sakhalin region to Magadan region and further to Kamchatka region, news agency RIA Novosti reports citing a source in the Magadan region administration.

Andrey Balatsenko, the vice-president of Rostelecom, the director of macro-regional Far East branch, has arrived to Magadan region in order to discuss practical issues in realizing the project. He carried out a series of business meetings on the project, including a meeting with the Governor of Magadan region Nikolay Dudov, the agencys source said.

According to him, the fiber-optic communication line Okha Magadan Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is to be laid on the bottom of the Okhotsky Lake. The fiber-optic communication channel is scheduled to be completed by 2013.

The communication line is to solve the problem of fast Internet in Magadan region. These days slow and expensive Internet in Magadan region is one of serious problems in the region. Today all Internet-providers in the region use one satellite communication channel. It is expensive and does not provide good speed for translating information, the agencys source added.

At the meeting with the Magadan region governor Mr. Balatsenko said that Rostelecom was looking for a contractor to perform design and preliminary stages of the project. The fiber-optic communication line is to result in much lower costs of Internet-providers for consumers and faster Internet speed.

Rostelecom is the main national communication operator in Russia and the only company having its own network of high-quality digital channels and tracts throughout the countrys territory.
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