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Online course “Promotion of a store in social networks” (November 25, 2020)

3 Nov '20
How to reach customers through social media.

There are fewer buyers in stores. Pandemic, fear of infection. People go to shops less, spend more time on the Internet and social networks. How to hook them there and bring them to your store or online store? How to make sure that they come to you if they are still going to go or go shopping?

All these questions are answered by the online course “Shop Promotion in Social Networks”, which starts on November 25.

In a remote format, in live online lessons, you will receive all the necessary tools for working in social networks, without which a modern store simply cannot exist.

You will learn:
- what should be the representation of the store in social networks,
- to whom which social network is better suited for promotion,
- what is the specificity of specific social networks and promotion in them,
- what to do so that people not only notice you, but become your customers,
- how and what to fill your pages with,
- how to talk about a product, about a store, about your team and your advantages, so that people do not run away, but read and like carefully,
- how to set a task for a full-time smmsman or smm-agency,
- how to evaluate the result of this work and what kpi should be set,
- how to protect your store from trolls and haters, as well as what to do with reviews and comments from disgruntled online customers.

You will learn this and much more on the course. And not just in theory, but on the example of dozens of case studies from specific stores, look at the publications, see the comments and methods of working with them, do the exercises yourself to better understand how it works.

The author and presenter of the course is Timur Aslanov.
- Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Store Management”
- an expert in the field of business promotion and sales (including retail),
- business coach, business speaker,
- is one of the 27 best business coaches in the country according to the magazine “Personnel Management”,
- author of 5 books,
- Member of the Guild of Marketers,
- speaker and moderator of leading Russian and international business forums.

Go to the course website: https://clck.ru/REDjG
View the program and send an application for participation in the online course “Promotion of a store in social networks” or call tel. (495) 540-52-76
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