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Sberbank subsidiary rolls out its inaugural gadget

18 Feb '20
Earlier today SberDevaisy, an R&D arm of the largest national savings bank Sberbank, launched sales of its proprietary TV set-top box designated Okko Smart Box for the Okko online movie theater, the Russian business daily RBC reported.

SberDevaisy CEO Konstantin Kruglov was quoted as saying that the new product is a small remotely controlled device that connects to a TV set via an HDMI cable and to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

With the set-top box, a user can watch the media content of the Okko theater, YouTube and 160 TV channels from his or her TV set; TV programs are recordable for viewing at a convenient time. The device is also controllable with voice commands, using a mike on the remote control.

The Sberbank subsidiary has thus far outsourced the Okko Smart Box production to the Chinese. Mr. Kruglov said his company has quite enough boxes already shipped to Russia prior to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China that brought production to a halt.
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