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An innovative fertilizer for agriculture has been created

11 Feb '22
Bioamid can celebrate the Day of Science almost every day: scientists are engaged in serious developments in biotechnology, which allow the production of innovative products for various sectors of the national economy, including agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The OMEK-Universal organomineral fertilizer is currently undergoing state registration, which allows increasing crop yields by 10-25%.

One task for all

Bioamid is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. For its technologies, the company, headed by CEO Sergey Voronin, has twice been awarded prizes by the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology. The company's products are bought in Russia and abroad.

Organic compounds of trace elements Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, Co and L-aspartic acid, produced by the company under the OMEK trademark, have proven their viability and are in demand in livestock and poultry farming. Saratov poultry farmers and many others agree that the company's products deserve the highest score. The fact is that due to the replacement of inorganic trace elements in feed with organic ones, it is possible to reduce feed costs for products and significantly, by three to four times, reduce the content of copper, manganese and zinc in manure and litter, and this is already the ecology around farms and poultry farms. At the same time, the health status of animals and poultry, as well as productivity indicators, are improving. The organic microelement complex OMEK-7M has found its buyer and is constantly expanding the geography of its application.

Bioamid scientists decided that the company's products would also be useful for farmers. Very soon, a new organomineral fertilizer based on L-aspartic acid OMEK-Universal will enter the market. Evgeny Kudryashov, head of the agricultural direction of Bioamid company, dwelled in more detail on its features, differences and advantages.
First of all, I would like to note that the new fertilizer was created by our company in cooperation with the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms of the Russian Academy of Sciences, FGBNU FANC of the South-East, SSAU named after N.I. Vavilov, emphasized Evgeny Valerievich.
Work on an innovative product began in 2010. The main goal of the scientists was to increase the yield of plants.

Scientists processed wheat germs (hydroponics, plant height 3-5 cm) with solutions of trace elements in organic form. Then lettuce leaves were processed. The mass of plants increased by 10-12%. It became obvious that microfertilizer has a positive effect on plant growth.

In 2013, the Agricultural University joined the tests. In the agricultural center Korolkov Sad they started processing cucumbers with these microelements. Having reduced the application rate of microelements several times, we received an increase in yield. It became clear that work in this direction should be continued further.

In 2018, we signed a fertilizer testing agreement with the Research Institute of the South-East. On the fields of their experimental farms, the specialists of the research institutes first processed vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, pumpkin), then other crops. The increase in yield on different crops ranged from 10 to 25%.

The composition of the fertilizer initially included all the same five trace elements in an organic form based on L-spartic acid: iron, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt. In the course of fertilizer testing, Bioamid specialists together with researchers from the Research Institute of the South-East and N.I. Vavilov, it was decided to add boron and molybdenum to its composition. To date, the fertilizer consists of seven trace elements.

Its advantages over inorganic metal salts are as follows: high bioavailability of trace elements, good solubility in water, resistance to degradation in a wide pH range.

For all crops

In 2020, OMEK-Universal was tested on various fields in the Saratov region (Arkadaksky, Ershovsky, Samoilovsky, Engelssky districts). The use of fertilizer had a positive effect on the results in the processing of vegetables, cereals, sunflower. This gave grounds to apply for its registration. In 2021, the All-Russian Research Institute of Agrochemistry named after D.N. Pryanishnikova tested the new fertilizer Bioamide on the fields in Krasnodar, Moscow, Pyatigorsk, Torzhok and Ryazan. In parallel, Bioamid provided fertilizer for testing to the farms of the Saratov, Volgograd and Samara regions, as well as to Tatarstan and Bashkiria. In all farms and on all crops, an increase in productivity was recorded by specialists.

Now the registration process is at the final stage, the organomineral fertilizer is undergoing the state ecological expertise in Rosprirodnadzor. It is expected that in late February - early March it will be fully completed. So the fertilizer will go on sale.

Tests have proven that OMEK-Universal can be used on almost all crops: cereals, legumes, technical, fodder, vegetables, fruits.

The fertilizer is used for pre-sowing treatment of seeds, for root and foliar top dressing during the growing season, on open and closed ground. Trace elements have high bioavailability, allow you to improve the quality of the crop (oil content, gluten, sugar content, protein, and others). And most importantly, this is the final result - obtaining environmentally friendly products.

Economic benefits

Tests have shown that double treatment with OMEK-Universal fertilizer on cereals leads to an increase in yield by 10-15%, vegetables - 15-25%, technical, leguminous, fodder and fruit crops - 15-20%.
The use of our new fertilizer does not incur additional costs for the operation of equipment for agricultural producers, Evgeny Valeryevich notes. The fertilizer can be used in tank mixes with other agrochemicals, herbicides and pesticides during scheduled treatments.
Also, the resulting product is interesting in that the application rate per hectare is only 250-400 g. So it turns out that the cost per hectare is 500-800 rubles, and the increase in yield will be 4-15 thousand rubles, depending on the crop on which it was applied fertilizer. That is, the economic effect at minimal cost is obvious.

Agricultural producers, those who had the opportunity to try the fertilizer during the test, call the company and ask when it will be possible to buy a new product. Applications for fertilizer have been received. The company hopes that the registration certificate will be received soon, so that farmers will be able to appreciate the benefits of the development already in this sowing campaign. Of course, Bioamide believes that the innovativeness of the development will be appreciated by local agricultural producers. After all, it was to help them that this fertilizer was created.
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