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Artificial intelligence optimizes service for bank visitors

17 Dec '21
VisionLabs and Q-Systems have created a smart customer navigation solution. The use of computer vision within the framework of the electronic queue system will allow to personalize the customer journey and change the approach to the provision of services. Already, the solution can identify a visitor at the entrance to a bank branch, automatically queue up according to his needs and offer an individual set of services. This will reduce waiting times, speed up service and increase customer loyalty. This was reported by representatives of VisionLabs.

Smart navigation is implemented on the basis of the VisionLabs LUNA video analytics platform, the Orchestra visitor flow management system and integration with the bank's CRM system. With the help of IP video surveillance cameras, the solution recognizes a person as soon as he enters the office. The unique identifier of the client entering the bank office is transmitted to Orchestra to start the identification process. Based on the data received from the CRM system, Orchestra identifies and queues the client based on his segment and taking into account the history of calls to the bank, sends a welcome SMS or push notification - the process takes only a few seconds. The system also allows you to identify a visitor at the terminal of the electronic queue and display a greeting for him and a personal offer of bank products.

In this case, the data from the CRM profile is automatically transferred to the operator. Due to the absence of the need to open the card manually, as well as the ability to update knowledge about the client and prepare for a meeting with them, the speed and quality of service increase.

The VisionLabs and Q-Systems solution is easily adaptable to the business processes of each individual bank and offers various options for customizing the customer journey.
Computer vision technology is helping to transform banking and the way we interact with customers. The integration of biometric products into the classic electronic queue system will increase the level of service delivery, optimize the customer journey and become the basis for further effective implementation of digital services. When implementing such complex solutions, it is necessary to ensure high recognition quality, and VisionLabs' algorithms successfully cope with this - this is confirmed by the annual leading positions in the international independent testing of NIST, said Ilya Romanov, commercial director of VisionLabs.

In an increasingly competitive banking business, it is critical to ensure a personalized and smooth customer experience. Effective and intelligent customer navigation in branch offices is an important part of the sales process. Accurate and fast customer identification is the starting point on the path to purchase. Once a customer is identified, a Q-Systems solution takes over and guides customers in different segments to the best employee for a particular segment or service. By smoothly navigating to the right employee, service levels are improved and sales opportunities are used more efficiently, said Strandquist Per Erik Leonard, CEO of Q-Systems.
Another important implementation impact is increased security. Face recognition allows you to identify a person from the black list of a bank or to find applications with the same photo and different fake passports in the credit conveyor.

About VisionLabs

is one of the world leaders in the creation of products based on computer vision and machine learning. The company has completed over 500 projects in 37 countries for clients from the financial, telecommunications, transport, energy and retail sectors. More than 1.7 million cameras worldwide use VisionLabs software.

Based on the results of regular independent tests by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), VisionLabs algorithms have consistently taken the leading positions. The company's Liveness technology took first place three times in the competition at the CVPR 20192021 workshop.

About Q-Systems

is the leader in the Russian market of visitor flow control systems. The company has been operating on the market since 2004: it develops systems of any complexity, implementation, technical support and 24/7 service throughout Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

The Q-Systems team consists of over 45 technical specialists, including its own staff of professional software developers. Every year, about 25 thousand hours of programmers' work is invested in the development of our products. Our solutions are extremely flexible, so they are suitable for both a large organization with centralized or decentralized management, as well as for small branches, for example, a pharmacy, a notary's office or a company's HR department.
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