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Smart cameras help fight COVID-19

20 Aug '21
HealthVision (a resident of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok Technopark) continues to implement a hardware and software complex that, using cameras and computer vision algorithms, is able to determine the primary symptoms of Covid-19 and comply with restrictions. The solution is now operating in the largest entertainment park in Moscow.

The device analyzes images from a thermal imager, builds statistics, generates reports and issues notifications. Artificial intelligence online determines the identification of a person, temperature, the presence of PPE, people's contacts with each other - there are more than 25 such parameters in total. Cameras also count visitors using ML algorithms and record their preferences when choosing attractions.
We focused primarily on the needs of the client and, at the same time, were looking for a case that would help to use the cameras to the maximum, so we chose one of the most modern and equipped parks in the capital. an area of ​​8 hectares, said Igor Mędzebrovsky, one of the shareholders of HealthVision.
At the moment, two smart HealthVision cameras are installed at the entrance and exit of the Ferris wheel attraction. Installation of two more cameras is planned in the near future.

The housing of the hardware and software complex was originally manufactured by engineers to install cameras in places isolated from external weather conditions: office premises, indoor amusement parks and supermarkets. At the moment, this is the first case with the installation of cameras in the open air. To protect against harsh weather conditions, a canopy was created that is resistant to temperature extremes and mechanical damage.
HealthVision is committed to meeting the partner's challenges that will help avoid a number of issues facing park staff. Thanks to the development of HealthVision, the park administration will be able to obtain statistics on the popularity of the park's attractions, as well as determine criteria such as the gender and age of visitors. The data obtained will help to increase the economic efficiency of the operation of expensive park equipment. In the case of a successfully implemented case, we are considering installing a larger number of smart cameras on the territory of the park on a commercial basis, added Igor Mendzebrovsky.
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