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XIV International Navigation Forum (June 15, 2021)

3 Jun '21
The program of the XIV International Navigation Forum is aimed at developers and consumers of products and services using navigation technologies and is devoted to topical issues of their application and development.

Representatives of state and non-profit associations will provide an overview and analysis of technological and market trends in the navigation industry in Russia and the world, among which special attention will be paid to unmanned vehicles. Once again, the XIV Navigation Forum will confirm the status of an international event, since the Forum with international experts and market players will consider opportunities for cooperation and cooperation in the field of the navigation industry.

Forum participants will receive first-hand information on legal and technical regulation of the use of navigation technologies, get acquainted with the existing proposal and promising developments of navigation equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers, with navigation and information systems, solutions and services for various sectors of the economy and categories of mass consumers.

Being a unique event in Russia that incorporates all the topical issues in the development of the navigation industry, the Navigation Forum provides participants with an opportunity to personally discover the future of the industry. We are waiting for you at the XIV International Navigation Forum.

More information: http://www.glonass-forum.ru/
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