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Accidents prevention at heating systems, Siberian style

20 May '21
Heating is one of the most energy-consuming systems in any building and most industrial plants. Utility breakdowns also impose additional costs. To prevent such situations, the Shtuka project team has developed a service that monitors the state of heating systems online, which has a huge economic effect for budgetary institutions.

The company successfully passed the spring business accelerator A:START and became a resident of the Technopark of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok (Academpark).

The company Ecoterm under the leadership of Vitaly Kochev has been installing and maintaining weather-dependent control systems in residential buildings and municipal institutions for more than seven years. Often, in the process of servicing, specialists were faced with various emergency situations: a heating breakthrough, an accident in the water supply system, and even flooding with a sewage system.
We once fought a basement flood at a school that housed a food processing plant and a dining room for students. Naturally, the consequences for the institution were dire. And this is not only sanitary and epidemiological inspections and costly repairs, but most importantly - disruption of the educational process. We realized that it would be nice to have in our arsenal such a system that warns accidents and notifies the responsible employees about the event. So, our company began to work on the Shtuka project, recalls Vitaly Kochev.
Specialists have developed special sensors that control such physical quantities as pressure, temperature, flow rate in heating systems, water supply , ventilation and sewerage. The sensor is connected to the service via the Internet, updating the readings every five minutes. As soon as the parameters go beyond the limits, an alarm signal is generated and notifies the maintenance personnel and responsible persons about the event. The entire history of system state changes can be seen on the website or through the iOS and Android application.

The leadership of the education department supported the initiative: the company installed and tested the system in one of the schools in Novosibirsk. The experience was so successful that the systems were replicated to other educational institutions.

In addition, Ecoterm has agreed on cooperation with the Department of Thermal Power Plants at NSTU and the NSTU Lyceum. The company plans to demonstrate to pupils and students ready-made systems with which their profession is connected in the future, and on their basis help to create practical laboratory work.

Vitaly came to the spring business accelerator on the advice of the current resident of the Academpark Vyacheslav Gergert, who is also part of the main team and provides mentoring assistance. The team wanted to get feedback from experts, improve their professional skills in startup implementation and sales, as well as get acquainted with the practical experience of senior colleagues.
I am very grateful to the organizers of A:START for creating such a large-scale and practically useful event. When we first came to the accelerator, it seemed to us that we had a great idea, and that we ourselves are tough specialists in our field. A:START quickly took off rose-colored glasses, changed the mindset and the sales strategy itself. Every day of training I was in shock (in a good way). A huge amount of new information, a different perspective of the world, new practical tools helped to move our project in the right direction. And thanks to the transition to the offline format, a full-fledged networking and new useful contacts have appeared, Vitaly noted.
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