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Russian startup prepares serial production of air taxi

2 Apr '21
The Hover Company (Hoversurf brand) announced the formation of a consortium to prepare for the serial production of heavy-duty unmanned aerial vehicles. At the first stage, the consortium included the Aeronet Association, the developer of parachute systems and light aircraft MVEN from Kazan, the Novosibirsk enterprise Rusaviaprom, Autonomous Aerospace Systems from Krasnoyarsk, as well as SKB ATIK, which develops advanced composite materials. and the production of products from them.

The consortium will tackle three fundamental tasks. The first is the organization of technological interaction between partner enterprises in the framework of the mass production of air taxi drones. Until 2030, it is planned to produce 5 thousand units. Moreover, each Hover will consist of 70% of components made in Russia. 38 parts of the drone structure out of 59 will be produced by the enterprises of the consortium.

The second task is the certification of drones and the approval of the regulatory framework for the use of air taxi. It is being implemented by the Aeronet Association, which is part of the National Technology Initiative and has been systematically working to transform the legal framework for the legal commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems since 2017.

The third task is the infrastructural issues of the operation of drones, including the allocation of special take-off and landing sites and the organization of the functioning of ground handling facilities for aircraft. This range of issues is discussed with the direct participation of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the Moscow Government. The positive experience of cooperation - flight tests of a prototype air taxi at Luzhniki - continued in the form of the next stage in the implementation of the urban airmobility project in the Russian capital.
The consortium already has its first successes: partner enterprises have begun to interact, the technological chain for the production of such complex products is being debugged. It's time to take the next step and invite everyone who is not indifferent to the topic of airmobility to the consortium. In addition to the enterprises that are part of the consortium, we are aware of the interest in the topic of airmobility on the part of the authorities of Moscow, as well as Obninsk, Kaluga, Kazan, the federal territory Sirius and Sochi. The consortium's goal is to spread the idea of ​​airmobility throughout Russia and to captivate the maximum number of citizens with it, said the founder of the Hover company, Alexander Atamanov.
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