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Advanced design to improve battery efficiency

23 Mar '21
The development of Saratov scientists Konstantin Distranov and Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladimir Podlipalin is based on the active equalization technology, which equalizes the charge of autonomous energy storage units and controls each battery of a lithium-ion battery. This increases the charge utilization rate from the standard 70% to 96% and extends battery life.

The company Sukhe LLC (energy storage management systems) was registered in 2012, its main profile is research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, the type of activity is the development and implementation of systems for automated optimization of energy efficient use of autonomous power sources in transport and energy.

In 2014, Saratov residents received a mini-grant from the Skolkovo Foundation. These funds were allocated for writing a business plan, conducting foreign marketing research and equipping its own laboratory. Innograd also helped with promotion, with his submission, Rosatom became aware of the system.

After a series of tests at the site of JSC ENITs (SC Rosatom), the Sukhe plant was approved and accepted for use in the nuclear power industry. A well-known venture entrepreneur Konstantin Tryapitsin, who was associated with many domestic and foreign venture funds, also worked with the resident.

He held a series of negotiations with the American company Tesla Motors, which specializes in the production of electric vehicles. There were negotiations with one of the Singapore companies from Singapore, she wanted to get all the capabilities of the Saratov system packed into a microchip.

By that time, intellectual property was reliably protected: for 2015, utility model patents were obtained in Germany and France, Italy and the United States were next, in addition, the priority of Saratov technology was registered in 136 countries.

This gave an advantage over competitors who patented their finds after that date. In Russia, Sukhe received over 15 umbrella patents for utility models and inventions.

Felix Vinokur, a well-known entrepreneur, co-founder of LLC PK Transport Systems (PK TS), drew attention to the creation of Saratov scientists. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of urban electric transport in the country.

The topic of the electric bus is also included in the orbit of interests of the PC TS, and therefore it should not be surprising that in 2019 PC Energeticheskie sistemy LLC was registered. The place of registration of the company is the city of Tver, in the same place where one of the sites of Transport Systems is located.

The main activity of the company is the production of storage batteries and their parts. Cooperation with the business turned out to be very effective: the serial production of a number of devices based on the basic development made under the auspices of Sukhe has already begun, and another series is to be launched soon.

And this is understandable, because the market for hybrids that can be powered by an overhead line and batteries, or combine elements of a bus and a trolleybus, is growing at an impressive pace. Hybrids are especially good for countries with mild climates, and therefore Asia is a promising market for these cars. It is significant that in 2018, China was the world leader in the use of electric buses (more than 55% of the world market), which also solved the problem of air pollution.

In Russian megacities, electric buses are still rare. Only wealthy municipalities can afford them, besides, for harsh winters, batteries are not a way out, since according to experts, 80% of the battery energy of an electric bus goes to heating the seat, windshield and rear-view mirrors, and only 20% remains for movement.

However, in the long term, the use of hybrids for public transport is very beneficial economically. Therefore, according to forecasts by Mordor Intelligence Analysis, from 2018-2023, the global electric bus market will grow by an average of 25%. By the end of 2023, the electric bus market will reach $ 90 billion, but the widespread use of new vehicles is constrained not only by the price, but also by the imperfection of electric drives and batteries. However, Saratov technology provides a very convincing answer to this challenge.
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