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Russian developer works on ultralight launch vehicle

11 Feb '21
The Kosmokurs company plans to independently create an ultralight launch vehicle. This was announced by its general director Pavel Pushkin.

Earlier, the company announced the development of the appearance of an ultralight rocket for the competition of the Aeronet National Technology Initiative. Later Kosmokurs decided not to participate in it.
“Since the suborbital (the creation of a reusable suborbital complex for tourist flights) slows down, we are considering the issue of creating an ultralight rocket,” Pushkin noted.
According to CEO, the company has an investor, and the market is currently being searched.
“If there is a market for this rocket, it will probably be promising, we will participate in this. Now we are looking for customers, there is some progress, but I would not say that something serious,” - added Pushkin.
Kosmokurs is also developing a reusable complex for suborbital commercial tourist flights. It is assumed that a crew of six people and one instructor will make a 15-minute flight into near space (to an altitude of about 200 km). The complex's rocket will use liquid oxygen as an oxidizer, and ethyl alcohol as a fuel.