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Moscow developer of logistics IT services raises investment

4 Feb '21
PIM Solutions, a resident of the Information Technology Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation, raised 100 million rubles. The investor was entrepreneur Dmitry Zobnin, who received a minority stake of 5.13% in the company. Thus, the total cost estimate for PIM Solutions is about 2 billion rubles.

PIM Solutions provides IT services for logistics optimization and financial management for online stores. In 2018, the company attracted 200 million rubles from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) - the Fund acquired 5% of the company, part of the transaction amount went into capital, and part in the form of a loan. In 2019, about 35 million parcels passed through the PIM Solutions system for all services - 8% of the total number of orders in e-commerce in Russia. In 2020, the volume of orders has already reached almost 60 million, including 5.6 million parcels sent through the MetaShip delivery service aggregator. The turnover of the online payment service Pikassa.io exceeded 3 billion rubles. The tracking service on the website of the PIM.Tracking online store processed 5.5 million orders per month. IIDF assessed the company's growth prospects and in 2020 converted the loan into the capital of PIM Solutions, increasing its share to 15%.
Evgeny Chernov, Founder and Managing Partner of PIM Solutions: PIM Solutions strives to provide e-commerce market players with timely products that will help in their daily activities: optimize logistics, raise funding or create their own CPA platforms for large online retailers. The company will invest investments in scaling flagship services, which will be improved in response to the demands of e-commerce market players.
Dmitry Zobnin is well aware of the online trade and logistics market. Previously, he invested personal funds in order fulfillment operator BETA Pro and delivery service TopDelivery.
Dmitry Zobnin, entrepreneur: I have been observing the work of the PIM Solutions team for several years in joint projects with other companies in which I have invested. The team is performing well, and the growing market allows us to be sure that the company's services will be even more in demand year after year.
The corona crisis made e-commerce an attractive market for investments due to the growth orders on the Internet. According to the Data Insight agency, under the influence of the pandemic, the growth of online commerce in Russia until 2024 will average at least 6% per year. At the same time, the cumulative additional growth is expected to be 4.4 trillion rubles out of 23.3 trillion rubles of the total market volume over these years.
Pavel Novikov, Director of the Center for Innovation in the Financial Sector of the Skolkovo Foundation: PIM Solutions managed to find a niche and a sustainable business model in the highly competitive e-commerce segment, providing online stores with the necessary services in the field finance and logistics. Now the company is actively developing new products and marketing tools for its clients, trying its hand at the international market. PIM Solutions benefits thousands of online retailers and ultimately millions of shoppers by making products cheaper and faster delivery.
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