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Russian AI-enhanced medical platform certified in Europe

2 Feb '21
The Skolkovo Intellogic company, which developed the Botkin.AI software platform, received the CE Mark certificate necessary for entering the markets of Europe and a number of other countries.

This is the first Russian development for the analysis of medical research using artificial intelligence technologies, which received the international CE Mark certificate. Now the Botkin.AI platform can be used in medical practice to visualize and accompany screening studies, to ensure quality control of the description of medical diagnostic studies in the field of radiology, including CT, X-ray and mammography analysis.

The company is expected to announce the launch of a number of international projects using its platform in the near future. Obtaining the CE Mark certificate opens up great prospects for the industrial use of Botkin.AI in the daily workflow of doctors, both in Europe and in many countries. To expand the geography of projects, the company also plans to obtain an American FDA certificate.
Obtaining the CE Mark was an important part of our development strategy, said Sergei Sorokin, CEO of Intellogic. - The process of both the preparation of application documents and the passage of all stages of verification took a long time and required serious preparation from our team. We were the first to do this in Russia, which caused certain difficulties in passing each stage of certification. On the other hand, it is very pleasant to become pioneers again. It is also important for us to show our esteemed clients in Russia and abroad that our product meets all strict quality standards. I would like to express my gratitude to our esteemed European colleagues who helped in the registration process, and to our entire fantastic team. Possessing European certification, we plan large-scale development, both in Europe and beyond, not forgetting, of course, the implementation of successful projects in Russia.
Botkin.AI platform is complex An IT and AI product that allows not only analyzing research using artificial intelligence technologies, but also visualizing the results obtained using its own viewer, as well as managing research flows. The platform has its own patented technologies for creating, updating and managing mathematical models for analyzing medical information.

Sergey Voinov, head of the Digital Health department of the biomedical technologies cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation (managed by VEB RF) recalled that the Foundation has been supporting Intellodzhik for more than three years, practically from the moment of its foundation. In 2020, the company received the first Russian registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor, risk class 2B, for a product for analyzing medical images using artificial intelligence technologies, which made it possible to use Botkin.AI in general medical practice. Obtaining an international certificate will expand the geography of using the first Russian certified software product with artificial intelligence and meets the development strategy of Botkin.AI as an integrated international medical platform with artificial intelligence.
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