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Large domestic company invests in digital farms

1 Dec '20
Skolkovo resident receives investments from IBS City Farmer, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technologies Cluster, received investments from IBS, a key technology partner of Russian business leaders and government agencies. The amount of funds raised was not disclosed. The partnership will strengthen the promotion of City-Farmer solutions on the Russian market.

City Farmer manufactures and services digital agricultural farms. Each of them is a modular object that is easy to build and scale depending on the needs of the customer. The main farm processes (watering, ventilation, lighting, humidification, etc.) are controlled entirely remotely using artificial intelligence technologies. This allows you to plan the production of the final product as efficiently as possible and to receive the predicted yield in a strictly specified time frame. The digital farm format has been successfully tested on mushrooms, salads and herbs. The company is currently working on expanding the range.

It is expected that cooperation with the IBS team will add to City Farmer the technological and methodological competence in organizing service support for farm clients, as well as developing intelligent control systems for growing processes. The advantages of the marketing and sales channels of IBS will enhance the promotion of City Farmer's solutions on the market.
Viktor Nikitin, director and founder of City Farmer: “The partnership of our young company with IBS, one of the technology leaders, opens up new opportunities for us for dynamic development and implementation of the concept of digital farms and factories products on a very promising agricultural market. IBS's reputation, industry expertise and established relationships with clients will allow us to maximize the effect of our developments on the Russian market.”

Grigory Kocharov, CEO of IBS: “Our company uses technological and industry knowledge to create services and solutions in various industries, including transforming the traditional product manufacturing process, delivery methods and quality management technologies. The partnership with City Farmer is an investment in a promising, innovative direction that is in demand both in the production of traditional products in regions with difficult transportation of fresh produce, and in the production of exotic products with a long logistic leverage of supplies to Russia.”

Sofia Romaschenko, project manager of the Biomedical Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation: “The interest of the global leader of the IT industry, IBS, in the City Farmer project is natural. The pandemic has shown how much we depend on food supply management and suffer without our habitually wide range of products. In the coming years, the pace of digitalization of crop production will increase. Implementation of large-scale projects is impossible without automating processes and improving product quality control. The modern consumer has become more demanding and wants to be confident in the safety of products. Cooperation between the companies will allow the startup to reach a new technological level and ultimately increase the demand for products. ”

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implements a promising format for remote management of agricultural production using artificial intelligence technologies. This allows us to increase efficiency, improve the quality of agricultural products and solve the logistics problem in regions with difficult transport accessibility and difficult climatic conditions. In November 2020, City Farmer became a laureate of the Priority 2.0 National Prize for the effective use of advanced technologies. Site:

IBS is a technology and business partner of the leaders of Russian business and government agencies. The company transforms understanding of the modern economy and technological expertise into solutions that increase the efficiency of management and the competitiveness of companies in the digital age. IBS solves complex tasks in the field of strategic development and increasing operational efficiency, providing services in the field of business process optimization, creation of management systems, data management, analysis and modeling, development, testing and maintenance of software, creation of data centers and storage systems and outsourcing of business processes.