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University offers climbing wall with variable surface

20 Oct '20
Nizhny Novgorod State University became the owner of a patent for the invention “A device with a variable surface for rock climbing”.

The dynamic climbing wall Livigrock is a multi-unit electromechanical structure with microprocessor control that allows an athlete to effectively practice climbing skills by training on a large number of climbing routes, which can be selected from a pre-created set of such routes, or by configuring independently.

A quick change in the configuration of the ledges (climbing tracks) allows you to bring the training process to a higher level, to raise interest in practicing this sport. The ability to exchange tracks, instantly reproduce any track on any standardized device, store and compare the results on the Internet will dramatically increase the competitiveness of training on such a simulator, which will help popularize sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Structurally, a dynamic climbing gym is made in the form of a set of modules fastened into a single structure, forming a wall, the vertical and horizontal dimensions of which are determined by the number of modules (4m x 3m), and the width of the wall is determined by the width of the block (block width 55 cm). Each module has four identical rotary blocks.

The authors of the patent are employees of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports and the Faculty of Radiophysics: Orlova E.A., Sokolovskaya S.V., Umnov A.L., Sokolovsky S.V., Filippova (Mutovkina) T.G., Bespalov D.A.
“The developed model of a dynamic climbing wall simulator can be used both for training rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in order to form stress resistance in emergency situations at a height, and for training mountain climbers, industrial climbers and high-altitude assemblers, professional athletes, as well as representatives of all professions and ages.

The small area of ​​the simulator allows you to install it in the premises of any gym, which will allow for future mass production and installation in various educational and sports institutions, shopping, entertainment and rehabilitation centers. Thanks to the IT-technologies used, the dynamically changing surface and the audiovisual effects of the model, the interest of adolescents and young people in rock climbing as a sport will increase, which will significantly increase the number of people involved and, accordingly, professional selection for the World Championships, the Olympic Games, for work in the Ministry of Emergencies”, comments one of the authors of the patent Tatyana Mutovkina.
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