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Biosafety system to improve quality of life in Moscow neighborhood

14 Oct '20
Based on the technological solutions of three residents of the Skolkovo Foundation - Led-Innovations, STC MZTA and Unicorn - for the first time in Russia a biosafety environment has been created in a residential complex in the east of Moscow. The system fights the spread and transmission of viruses and improves overall comfort.

The BioSafety project has been implemented in the Grani residential complex, built by the Osnova Group of Companies. Entrance lobbies, halls and auxiliary rooms on the first floor are equipped with Anti-virus modules with the function of air recirculation and disinfection of the Led-Innovations company. Each of them is equipped with two gas-discharge bactericidal UV lamps (without the formation of ozone) with a wavelength of ultraviolet radiation of 254 nm and destroys pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including pathogens COVID-19, ARVI, etc.

The Antivirus device disinfects up to 60 m³ of air per hour, operates quietly and is safe for people and animals, and is recommended by Rospotrebnadzor for use in residential and office buildings. The system is controlled by the Komega Basic automation complex from the Scientific and Technical Center of the Moscow Thermal Automation Plant, and the Unicorn mobile UJIN application. There are three control scenarios: increased safety, standard mode and manual control. Any operating modes can also be configured, based on the current needs of residents and the epidemiological situation.

The BioSafety pilot project was developed and implemented as part of the BuildUp 2020 accelerator of innovative start-ups in the construction and development sector. It is carried out by the Skolkovo Foundation together with the leading companies on the Russian development market: GC Osnova, Galaxy-Development, GC Kortros, GC FGC.
Oleg Dubnov, Vice President, Executive Director of the Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation: The project has two distinctive features at once, which speak of its uniqueness. Firstly, the concept was not proposed in advance, at the stage of filing applications, but was born already during the study of pilots with partners and selected participants as a response to the emerging market demand related to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. Secondly, three innovative companies participating in the accelerator at once - Ice-Innovations, STC MZTA and Unicorn - have combined their efforts and technologies, which made the biosafety system as flexible and functional as possible. The emergence of such a project within BuildUp underlines the effectiveness of this accelerator as a tool that allows development partners not only to find the best technologies on the market, but also to quickly solve their most urgent and non-standard tasks with their help.
The BioSafety complex contains many components, which are based mainly on Russian technologies and developments:

indoor air disinfection system and special modules for elevators;
complex of modern antimicrobial materials;
system of contactless entry into buildings and automatic door opening using a key card or face-recognition system;
contactless elevator control;
contactless delivery of products and orders through check-in terminals with disinfection function;
remote control of human temperature and much more.
Alexander Ruchev, President of the Osnova Group of Companies: Today we see a growing demand for biosafety and health preservation - this is becoming an integral part of living comfort. Developers cannot stay aloof from this new trend, which will definitely grow stronger. In partnership with the BuildUp 2020 accelerator, we have developed an integration solution for homes and offices that provides the safest indoor microenvironment through contactless technologies, air decontamination and disinfection systems.
BioSafety biosafety system can be easily integrated in full or as separate elements into already constructed and operating buildings based on the smart home platform.

Reference Information

The Skolkovo Foundation
is a non-profit organization created in 2010 and acting as the managing company of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The purpose of the Foundation is to support technological entrepreneurship in Russia and commercialize the results of research activities. The number of Skolkovo residents has already exceeded 2,500. The Fund provides them with a range of services necessary to bring developments to the Russian and international markets. Resident status gives the company tax and customs benefits. In 2019, the residents' revenue amounted to more than 100 billion rubles, and the amount of investments attracted by them exceeded 13 billion rubles. Since 2019, the law allows any organization engaged in research activities in Russia to gain access to all the services and benefits of the Innovation Center. The Skolkovo Innovation Center hosts the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), one of the top 100 young universities in the world according to Nature Index. The infrastructure of the Innovation Center is made up, in particular, of Europe's largest Technopark and research centers of industrial partners. In 2019, three new partner R&D centers were opened in the Innovation Center - Sibur, TMK and Tatneft. On the territory of Skolkovo, a total of more than 750 thousand square meters have already been commissioned. m. residential areas, research and educational centers. Off-budget investments in infrastructure creation exceeded RUB 100 billion.

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