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Scientists develop modular drone for cargo delivery

30 Jul '20
Innopolis University scientists have developed a multi-rotor vertical takeoff unmanned aerial vehicle for delivering cargo of various sizes and mail. Now experimental samples of the drone are at the prototyping stage, said Musa Galimov, leading design engineer of the Laboratory of Autonomous Vehicles of the NTI Competence Center in the direction of Technology of Robotics and Mechatronics Components.

Rospatent included the development in the list of the 100 best inventions of Russia for 2019 and the first half of 2020 in the category of Aerospace Industry, Land, Sea and Air Transport.
We optimize the parameters of the apparatus for a particular task. This achieves an economical mode of use. At the same time, the configuration of a modular vertical takeoff and landing UAV for specific purposes can be assembled by any user, regardless of whether a developer or an engineer is qualified. To do this, it is necessary to prescribe clear and understandable instructions for assembling a modular drone, and user error should not cause critical consequences, the scientist said.
The drone is assembled under the conditions of a specific flight from separate modules with different technical characteristics - all modules are controlled by a single central processor, which sends control commands to them. He also analyzes the assembly and determines the parameters and characteristics of the resulting device. If the device is assembled incorrectly, the processor warns the user about the error, recommends replacing the modules and does not start the flight. This adaptive system makes it possible to design both traditional UAVs and drones with a unique design.

This development of the NTI Competence Center in the direction of Technology of Robotics and Mechatronics Components on the basis of Innopolis University can be used for the delivery of goods, postal correspondence and parcels, as well as transportation and lifting of non-standard oversized cargo when it is impossible to use a crane. The payload and dimensions of such a UAV are optimized to the conditions of specific tasks in which the drone is planned to be used.

For the transportation of oversized cargo, it is possible to use a prefabricated beam structure of various shapes. Propellers are installed to the body. The assembly also includes various sensors - weights, the relative position of the axes of the propellers, determining the position of the apparatus in the air, etc.

About the University

Innopolis University
specializes in education, research and development in information technology and robotics. The university operates according to a model unique for Russia that combines education, science and business. There are 261 scientific and pedagogical employees from 24 countries with experience in the global IT industry, over 770 students from 37 countries of the world study in 181 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses. In the category Joint International Scientific Publications of the global U-Multirank ranking, Innopolis University is ranked eighth.

Innopolis is a city in Tatarstan, the construction of which began in 2012, and was opened three years later. In 2012, a special economic zone was created there by a decree of the government of the Russian Federation. The Tatarstan authorities are developing Innopolis as a center of attraction for IT companies.
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