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Unmanned car takes to St. Petersburg streets

2 Jun '20
The StarLine unmanned vehicle, developed by the team of engineers of the St. Petersburg NPO StarLine, has been certified and is ready to test on public roads.

According to the decree of the Russian government, in order to drive on public roads, all unmanned vehicles must first pass certification. Certification and evaluation of unmanned vehicles is carried out by the state research center FSUE NAMI, which develops and tests motor vehicles.

The StarLine drone passed a series of state road tests and received a conclusion on the vehicle's compliance with safety requirements. The conclusion makes it possible to test an unmanned vehicle on public roads.
Boris Ivanov, head of the StarLine unmanned vehicle project: It is important for us to be able to test on public roads, as in our country there are landfills that simulate real road infrastructure with other road users no. Testing on city roads will allow you to debug and improve drone algorithms in real traffic conditions. This will help make the drone a reliable and safe vehicle.
StarLine unmanned vehicle today is able to move quite confidently in a light-loaded city. The car detects traffic signs, traffic lights and pedestrians, goes around obstacles, and can be reconstructed into another lane. Previously, the StarLine UAV was repeatedly tested in closed areas on the territory of Skolkovo, participated in the race at the Crimean bridge and became the finalist of the Up Great Winter City drone race, which took place in the winter of 2019.

Now the development team has begun preparations for testing the car on the roads of St. Petersburg. They plan to begin testing with Lesnoy and Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Avenues, these zones are located near the office of the NGO StarLine. Large-scale testing is also planned on Nevsky Prospect. During testing, a test engineer will be in the cabin of the drone, who, if necessary, will take control.


About Up Great Technology Contests

Up Great technology contests were initiated by RVC, Skolkovo Foundation and ASI for Russian innovative companies as part of the National Technology Initiative. Participants are invited to find solutions to the most complex technological problems, which in the world so far have no solutions. The winning team that overcomes the global technological barrier receives a large cash prize for demonstrating a clear and repeatable solution to the competition task to experts, the jury and the general public. Competition mechanics are developed in accordance with the best practices of world technological competitions: XPrize, Darpa Grand Challenge, etc. The operator of Up Great technology competitions is RVC.
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