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Cyborg time: how 3D printing technology is changing the lives of people and animals

20 Mar '20
Endoprint Innovation and Technology Company, a resident of the Caliber Technopark, is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of individual full-cycle endoprostheses designed specifically for each patient, manufactured using 3D printing technology from medical titanium alloy powder.

For three years, the company has created more than 1,500 artificial bones that were implanted to Russian patients. One of the most important advantages of using 3D technology is that with its help you can recreate almost any bone in the human body - from a small piece on the little finger to the tibia. This method has become truly revolutionary. Thanks to him, patients get the opportunity to return to a full life.

ITC Endoprint is a leading enterprise in the development and manufacture of products for endoprosthetics and implantology using 3D printing technologies. For a long time, the company has been cooperating with the largest clinics in the country, including CITO them. Priorov, MGMU them. Sechenov, Clinical Hospital named after Botkin and many others.
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