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Skolkovo resident VR platform will open up new opportunities for corporations

13 Mar '20
An application for collective work in virtual reality of a Skolkovo Foundation resident VR Concept has successfully passed compatibility testing with the Lotus operating system (OS) of the Russian developer Enstream. The new platform will allow government agencies and industrial corporations to use virtual reality to solve business problems.

On the basis of the Lotus OS and the VR Concept virtual prototyping platform, organizations will be able to create ready-made jobs for civil servants and office employees to quickly begin teamwork with digital counterparts in virtual reality. In turn, company leaders will have the opportunity to gather for meetings without leaving their jobs. In addition, in the helmets of virtual reality, it will be possible to develop the skills of using complex equipment without the risk of industrial injuries or breakdowns.
Denis Zakharkin, CEO of BP Concept: The goal of our cooperation with Enstream is the general modernization of Russian government agencies, corporations and defense industry enterprises. The operating system Lotus and VR Concept will realize all the most daring innovative ideas related to the implementation of virtual reality. For example, employees will be able to discuss the product being designed between remote offices remotely in VR. This will positively affect the productive work of employees and the performance indicators of the organization.

Mikhail Burenkov, project manager of the Skolkovo Foundation's Advanced Production Technologies Cluster: The proliferation of technology and remote design tools makes it possible to save money and time at the stages of coordination of complex engineering objects. This is especially important when design teams are located in different regions of the planet. BP Concept tools allow you to use more than 20 people to simultaneously be in a virtual room with an editable design object, which sets this solution apart from world analogues.
Lotus OS users will be available all the functionality of the VR Concept application using the HTC VIVE virtual reality helmet: native CAD download (computer-aided design / drafting - computer-aided design tools) and BIM models (Building Information Model - modeling of buildings and structures).
Aleksey Kurenev, director of Enstream: Application software developers are increasingly thinking about adapting their software solutions to domestic platforms. This trend can increase the efficiency of application both for end users and for the industry as a whole, especially in those market segments where advanced technologies are in demand.
The Lotus operating system will allow administrators to support Group Policies in the Active Directory and Lotos Directory Domain Services. A graphical administration console simplifies IT management. Lotus supports popular means of information security, including cryptographic protection, and fully complies with the requirements of legislation in the field of information security. In addition, the developers provided tools for a simple transition to the Lotus OS from previously installed systems.


VR Concept
(https://vrconcept.net) is developing boxed software for PCs, which makes it possible to organize remote teamwork with any 3D model, including CAD and BIM, in virtual reality helmets. The application of the same name was developed on the basis of its own graphic engine with a simple and convenient user interface, which allows you to start working in VR immediately after installation and does not require special knowledge (programming). In 2018, the company took 3rd place in the GenerationS accelerator, and the application was included in the Digital Economy roadmap and the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. The company is a resident of the Cluster of Advanced Production, Nuclear and Space Technologies of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Enstream (https://www.instreamcom.com/) is a Russian developer of operating systems, which has been operating since 2009. Included in the Register of Developers of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Communications of the Russian Federation, is a member of the Russian Software and Software Integration Committee. He is a member of the Expert Council of Manufacturers of Russian Information and Communication Technologies of the Interim Commission of the Council of the Federation for the Development of the Information Society and the Center for Import Substitution Competencies in the field of information and communication technologies. The main users of Enstream solutions are government bodies, budget institutions, defense industry enterprises.

Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization created on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation in September 2010. The goal of the Fund is to create an ecosystem conducive to the development of entrepreneurship and research in the areas of: energy efficiency and energy saving, nuclear, space, biomedical, strategic computer technologies and software. The Fund is entrusted with the management of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, whose activities are regulated by a special law that provides special economic conditions to startups that have undergone special external technological expertise (now there are more than 1900 of them). In 2018, the revenue of Skolkovo participating companies amounted to 91.9 billion rubles, the total revenue over the 9 years of the projects existence reached 301.1 billion rubles. 33 thousand people work in startups. More than 1300 developments and technological solutions have been patented. An important part of the Skolkovo ecosystem is a research university - the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), created and functioning with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The construction of the infrastructure of the IC Skolkovo at the expense of the federal budget has been completed (Technopark, University, Gymnasium, road and engineering infrastructure have been built). Over 600 thousand square meters were commissioned. m. objects. In the next 3 years, this figure will double.

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