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Blockchain Life 2019 (Moscow, October 16-17, 2019)

7 Oct '19
There is a week left until the beginning of the Blockchain Life 2019 forum, the organizers have already sold over 4000 tickets.

The ranks of the forums speakers, including the owners of the world's largest industry companies, businessmen, investors and developers, replenished:

- Leading technical specialist of Microsoft in the Russian Federation Konstantin Goldstein;
- CTO Huawei George Sebastiao;
- Venezuelan delegation of El Petro - the creators of the first national cryptocurrency.

Konstantin Goldstein (Microsoft), a specialist with 16 years of international experience in the field of IT, will present the topic 'Blockchain consortia - a new format of interaction for business'.

Microsoft, like other major IT companies of our time, seeks to expand the enterprises business in the field of digital transformation, developing the blockchain ecosystem in the world.

The European Blockchain Life program includes dozens of speeches from top management of leading companies in the market, such as Binance, Listing.help, BitForex, IOTA, Oracle, Dash, Huobi, Tron, Kaspersky, VTB, etc.

At the legendary AfterParty forum, held with the support of B2Broker.net, rapper Guf will speak.
The program and the full list of speakers can be found at https://blockchain-life.com/europe/ru/

You can buy a ticket for one of the most important events of the year on the website https://blockchain-life.com/europe/ru/.

The organizer of the event of the year is the international listing agency Listing.help. The general sponsor is the BitForex.com cryptocurrency exchange.
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