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Human2IT Conference (Minsk, October 5, 2019)

24 Sep '19
On October 5, Human2IT will be held in Minsk, a conference on holivars in IT management and sales.

The general partner is Alfa Bank.

Topics that are not talked about, or talk very quietly. Company owners, managers and sellers will sincerely talk about problems and mistakes in the IT business.

Presentations will be made by representatives of the Bamboo Group, ITRex Group, Softeq, WorkFusion, Flo, TargetProcess, HQSoftware, Sorokin Studio and Kulinkovich of other companies.

Among the topics of the conference were the phenomenon of old age in IT, procrastinators and drones among top management, the creation of a personal brand in IT, assessment and motivation, myths about KPI and OKR, problems of company growth, leaving your business, IT sales, the transition from body shop to products and IT consulting.

The organizers have moved away from the usual standards of conferences and use forms of engaging the audience and speakers to provoke the most sincere conversations and exchange of experience:

- long motivational reports were replaced with revolving performances of 10-15 minutes,

- combined performances in groups under one topic in order to show different opinions and cause discussions (several speakers will be on stage at once for each topic),

- walking along the streams was replaced by one stream in the main hall with the maximum audience involvement,

- did not invite foreign speakers to find out how problems are solved in Belarusian reality (this also played a role in reducing ticket prices),

- prepare notepads of participants with useful pages and cheat sheets that you dont want to throw away,

- work on reports in order to collect concentrated extracts with real examples,

- together with the audience work on hot questions for panel discussions,

- in the chat of the conference they share announcements and gifts from partners.

In the days following the conference, the organizers will conduct simulation games 'Management of the IT company' and 'Market dev vs Product dev'.

Details on the conference website human2it.com.

Link to purchase tickets and a full announcement with all topics and speakers: https://bezkassira.by/human2itconf-6436/
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