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Women in Tech (Vilnius, Lithuania, October 7, 2019)

13 Sep '19
We would love to invite you to apply for the 'Women in Tech Batch' for female founders (and co-founders) from the globe, developing Fintech, B2B SaaS, Social Impact, and DeepTech startups.

We see this batch as an opportunity to empower exceptional teams from the globe, to boost their expertise, expand their network and offer them funding opportunities from the most credible EU/USA VCs, angels, and institutional investors.

Diversity doesn’t just matter it also pays off in higher returns. According to the latest studies by PwC and BCG, startups led by female founders or co-founders perform 10% – 35% better over time and more likely to have IPOs and profitable acquisitions, despite being comparatively underfunded.

So we are launching our Fall’19 Batch to contribute to closing the gap between female lead startups and venture capital, which at the end of the day will result in increasing sustainability and profits in the global tech ecosystem.