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All-Russian Forum 'Above the Roof' (St. Petersburg, August 21-24, 2019)

16 Aug '19
On August 21-24, the All-Russian Youth Civil Educational Forum dedicated to the future of the city will be held at the Yubileiny Sports Center.

The All-Russian Forum is being created as a platform for demonstrating ideas and forecasts regarding the future of St. Petersburg. This is a futuristic space in which representatives of various trends of youth culture will be able to come up with and present the most daring innovative and technological solutions within the framework of the city development strategy.

An educational platform and a lecture hall will operate, where everyone will be able to listen to speeches and debate on topics related to modern urbanism and the development of the city. Participants expect sporting events and workshops, exhibitions, fashion shows and concerts. As part of an additional program, guests from other regions will be able to get acquainted with the main attractions of St. Petersburg.

The forum will bring together 2,000 people, including 350 representatives of active youth from different parts of Russia.

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