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Drone surveillance system for high-end homes

12 Dec '18
Alex Pachikov, son of Evernote founder Stepan Pachikov, has set up its own company in California, called Sunflower Labs, to develop an innovative surveillance system to safeguard ones home, Theverge.com reported.

The Sunflower system uses a series of motion and vibration sensors in conjunction with an autonomous drone to monitor all activity, down to measuring the footsteps on the grass outside ones front door.

Part of the system involves the Sunflowers, the small, roughly 1.5-foot bulbs filled with sensors that are disguised as garden lights. The sensors can detect people, pets, and cars. Vibration sensors detect footsteps, car engines... even if youre running a coffee maker. The Sunflowers are placed around the home to help create a map and triangulate people and other objects within the space.

The drone, called the Bee, has a base station called the Hive. The whole system works together by letting the Bee leave its station and then fly around the home capturing video by using the Sunflowers to perform path planning and relying on its built-in cameras and sensors to avoid obstacles.

When its ready to land, the user presses a button on the Sunflower mobile app, and the drone docks itself into the funnel-shaped landing zone of the base station, which also doubles as a conductive wireless charger.

In practice, the Sunflower system would alert a homeowner of something unexpected moving around the house, thanks to the ground sensors.
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