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GCV Symposium for global corporate venturing professionals

12 Apr '17
Now in its seventh year, the GCV Symposium is the leading event for global corporate venturing professionals, and has experienced exponential growth, attracting an enviable list of speakers and international senior delegates. So join 400+ business leaders from the corporate venturing and wider high growth business ecosystem for the two-day 2017 GCV Symposium covering innovation and strategy. This event in St Paul's, London, promises to be the best yet, with:

- Compelling & Informative Conference Program
- Top Speakers
- GCV's Signature 'Unpanels'
- One-to-One Networking
- Organise One-to-One Meetings
- GCV's revered Gala Awards Dinner
- The 2017 GCV Powerlist of the Top 100 Industry Leaders

Corporations managing more than $20 billion in venture assets, for parents with aggregate revenues of at least $4 trillion will be attending the GCV Symposium - that's a lot of investment power in one room to hear the view from 'the tip of the innovation spear'.

The 2016 GCV Symposium gathered together 400+ senior executives, innovators and inventors over two days to discuss 'the view from the crow's nest' of corporate venturing.

For the second time we also hosted the Global University Venturing: Fusion event on day two of the GCV Symposium. With 100 university venturing experts attending, our sister publication's fourth annual event fused together university venturing with the corporate venturing industry, for unique discussion on how to enhance innovation through collaboration.

More information about the GCV Symposium: www.gcvsymposium.com
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