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Russia ranked one of world's most innovative economies

21 Jan '16
In spite of current economic challenges, Bloomberg ranks Russia one of the world’s most innovative economies.

Russia rose two spots to overall #12 in this year’s Bloomberg Innovation Index, which ranks the innovative capacity of the world's top-50 innovative countries.

Russia is #3 globally in “Tertiary Efficiency” (the number of workers with tertiary degrees) after South Korea and Singapore; #8 in “High-tech Density” (the number of domestic high-tech companies) where the U.S. leads the category; and #15 in “Patent Activity” (with Japan ranking number one here).

Russia ranks at #27 in both “Manufacturing Value-Added” and “Researcher Concentration” and is #31 in “R&D Intensity.” In these categories, South Korea and Israel take the lead.

South Korea topped the overall list, followed by Germany, Sweden, Japan, and Switzerland in the top 5. The United States is ranked at #8.

In the BRICS group of five developing economies, China ranked at #21 and India at #45 overall, with Brazil and South Africa not making the rankings.

Former Soviet states are well-represented in the rankings, including Lithuania (#32), Estonia (#34), and Latvia (#40).