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Mordovia developers make new carbon composite based products

28 Nov '14
Researchers at the Nanotech and Nanomaterials Center in Mordovia, in the mid-Volga area, have come up with prototype electrically insulated boards, using carbon composite and a new binder—a product which is believed to be “unique” in Russia, portal Mordovmedia.ru reported.

The binder comes from VIAM, a Moscow-based partner with strong expertise in the development of new materials for aircraft. Another partner in the effort is Rezinotekhnika, a company based in Saransk, Mordovia’s central city; the developers used its production premises and equipment.

The partnership is expected to lead to the setup of new composite production in Saransk to manufacture products for transformers and the broader electrical energy needs.

These composite products are in demand across markets because of their proven properties which the developers say “considerably surpass” those of conventional steel components widely used today. The advantages of the new products reportedly include strong corrosion resistance, resistance to chemical reagents and electrical charges, and what the source referred to as “impressive” strength of products based on glass and carbon composites.

The Mordovian center and Moscow’s VIAM launched their joint project last year.
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Locations: Mordovia; Saransk

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