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4th International ICT Investments Forum 2014 Venture and Direct Investment . Lending. IPO. M&A.

24 Jan '14
COMNEWS would like to invite you and your colleagues to take part in the 4th International ICT Investments Forum 2014 Venture and Direct Investment. Lending. IPO. M&A on February 27, 2014 in Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky Hotel (74 Suschevsky Val, Moscow, Russia).

Indicators from recent years show that information and communication technologies (ICT) is one of the fastest growing industries in Russia which consumes more than 70% of investments. However, in 2013-2014, according to analysts, the market is forecast to decline. Thus, in 2nd quarter 2013 total volume of venture financing in ICT in Russia was $87 million down by 41.3% compared with 1st quarter 2013 and also down by 47.7% compared with 2nd quarter 2012. The decline is attributed to both total slowdown in Russian economy, and the structure of investment market.

What will be the impact of the deceleration in the economic growth in Russia in the ICT investment? Where will the industry be going? And how can ICT businesses improve the investment appeal of their assets? these and many others are the questions which will be answered by experts participating in the ICT Investments Forum 2014.

Topics to be discussed at the Forum:

Governments role in investment promotion of the ICT industry
Governments role in co-financing of seed, investment and venture funds
Imbalance in the structure of Russian venture capital and abnormal investment funnel
Models of ICT assets with high investment appeal as viewed by a venture fund
Is bank financing possible for the ICT industry?
Industry-related characteristics of Russian IPO market and global practices
M&A: are there any attractive assets still left in the market?
Mergers and acquisitions: outlook, expectations and other hot industry topics.

Audience of the ICT Investments Forum 2014 top managers of TMT and IT companies and new media, system integrators, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for the ICT, venture funds, private equity funds, state corporations, credit and leasing agencies, insurance companies, investment bankers, business accelerators and incubators, technology parks, audit firms and consultancies, private investors and business angels, the scientific community, R&D establishments, ICT startups and developers of innovative products, industry analysts, experts and journalists.

ICT Investments Forum 2014 is:

Focused on hot topics of the investment market and practical issues of conducting business in Russia and CIS
The only professional event for players of the ICT investment market
A showcase of effective business models for strengthening the companys investment appeal
A presentation of state-of-the-art technologies in the ICT, new ideas and areas for investment
Excelling networking opportunities, a platform for off-the-record talks and negotiations.

We are looking forward to seeing you at ICT Investments Forum 2014 in Moscow!
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