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Business Incubator Ingria Launches New Program with Martal Group

6 Aug '13
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Business incubator Ingria
Business Incubator Ingria has signed partnership agreement with Martal Group (Israel). This document is a important part of Ingria`s international program GoGlobal helps startups to enter to foreign markets.

The parties intend to provide expert support to existing and potential residents of Ingria, to present their projects to investors from partner networks and to carry out joint training programs for startups.

The first step in the new partnership will be held on August 7 at Business Incubator Ingria within Open Days Ingria on topic «Acceleration of Startups and Access to International Markets». Speaker of the event will be Alexander Zaydelson, IT-expert from Martal Group and an experienced entrepreneur. Previously he led business development in such companies as SoftWatch, Nareos Inc., WeFi Inc.

All Open Days Ingria participants will get an excellent opportunity to analyze the success stories and the fails of foreign startups through test cases. Also they will get acquainted with examples of acceleration Russian start-ups in Israel and Russian examples of creating startups based on Israeli technology.

Alexander Zaydelson, Martal Group
«There is no secret that Israel is called nation of startups. Many of the Israeli projects have successfully entered the international market, some of them became leading divisions of international companies. No wonder that Apple, Microsoft and Intel have lunched their first overseas centers in Israel».

Vitaliy Vishnepolsky, Martal Group
«We have a long run to collaborate with Ingria, went on joint conferences and seminars, and looked at each other for about three years. We hope that we were slow at harnessing but will be fast at riding, especially as we see the growing demand for startups acceleration and access to international markets».

Within this Open Days Ingria and Martal will present program «Twinning activity Technology Transfer Executives Israeli Commercialization Practices», based on the experience of the commercialization of Israeli startups in foreign markets. This educational and practical course were designed by teams from Israel Skolkovo Gateway, the Technology Transfer Company of the Ariel University, Martal Consulting LLC and Business incubator «Ingria». The main stages of the program will be held in the autumn of 2013.
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