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Moscow to host investors, government and NGOs at Central & Eastern Europe Investment Conference

7 Mar '13
Source: CEE Investment Conference Organizing Committee

Central & Eastern Europe Investment Conference, a major international event for investors, government and NGOs, will take place in Moscow on April 22, 2013.

International Conference “Central & Eastern Europe Investment Conference” (CEE Investment Conference) will unite in one place more than 500 investors, major industry players, government bodies and public organizations that will discuss the current issues of the investment potential of Central and Eastern Europe.

The first CEE Investment Conference was held in Bucharest in April 2012 and gathered more than 300 influential investors and business community representatives of Central and Eastern Europe and also investment companies from other regions of Asia. This year's Conference will take place in Moscow at the RIA “Novosti” press center site. The event was organized by the Association of CFA (Russia), which represents the interests of the Institute CFA - the world's largest community of professionals of the investment market.

In the framework of the two-day Conference five panel discussions on the following topics will be held: the investment climate in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the state investment strategy, debt financing, the public debt market and the market of private equity in the appliance to the region. The Conference format implies a debate on the prospects for restoring the “gold standard” in the global monetary system, as well as provides an opportunity for businesses and investors to hold one-to-one meetings.

Conference moderators: Sergei Guriev, (Professor of Economics and Dean of the School of Economics in Moscow, President of the Center for Economic and Financial Research at New Economic School), Jan Art, (Vice-President of the Association of Regional Banks, editor Bankir.ru), Evelyna Zakamskaya, (TV host at the `Russia-24`channel), Andrei Goryanov, (chief editor of the independent Portal Slon.ru), leading members of the financial media and market participants.

Participation in the conference was already confirmed by: Anatoly Aksakov (President of the Association of Regional Banks, member of the State Duma), Denis Bugrov (Member of the Board, Senior Vice President of the Sberbank Bank of Russia), Tomasz Telma (IFC Director for Eastern Europe and Russia), Igor Kuzin (Chairman of the Board , MDM-Bank), Ekaterina Trofimova, (Vice-President, Gazprombank), Adam Machizhevsky, (General Manager, Warsaw Stock Exchange), Peter Koblik, (CEO, Prague Stock Exchange), David Smart, (Director of the Global Development independent funds and supranational accumulation funds, Franklin Templeton Investments, London), Istvan Toroshkey, (Executive Director, Debt Management Agency (AKK), the Government of Hungary), Steven Hellman (Director, Investment Banking, Credit Suisse), Roman Filatov, CFA (Director of the Division of Securities Savings Asset Management), Evgeny Fetisov (Director, Da Vinci Capital), William Weaver (Director of Emerging Market Debt Capital, Citigroup), Anton Rakhmanov (Director of Sberbank Asset Management) and others. The heads of the leading investment banks, funds and organizations working in the region are also invited to the Conference.

The Conference will become the largest and the most authoritative platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences on investment in emerging markets, to enhance business cooperation between Russia and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

You can register for participation here.
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