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Irkutsk innovators to launch new nano-based paint

27 Feb '13
Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU) in Siberia announced earlier this week that Nanotechcenter, its spin-off innovation start-up working in the ISTU Techno-Park, has begun to put together a production line to manufacture what it claims is a high-strength paint brand based on ISTUs proprietary nanotechnology.

The YouColors brand has been developed for both Russian and international markets, the university said, adding that companies from Canada, China and Mongolia have already expressed interest in the product.

The scientists have developed paint that contains nanodimensional (up to 100 nanometers in diameter) silicon dioxide, a special nanomodifier whose granules are said to possess a large specific surface. The property is believed to considerably enhance adhesion between paint components and a material they coat. The nanomodifier is a chemically stable white powder which is nontoxic, odorless, and is assumed to be eco-friendly.

According to Pyotr Nelyubin, the CEO of Nanotechcenter, the production line with an initial capacity of 20 tons of paint a month will be located on the ISTU premises.

For brick and concrete YouColors, we estimate a ten-year service life, a two-to-four time increase compared to a conventional type of paint, the CEO said.

The start-up wants its new product to hit the consumer markets this coming spring. The company is reportedly in talks with large Irkutsk building materials retailers and wholesalers. Nanotechcenters paint is expected to sell in the medium price segment.

The young Irkutsk company is going to extend its product line later by adding to brick and concrete paint its new YouColorsLight line of products for dry and moist interiors and for any surface.

Nanotechcenter was set up last year by ISTU and a group of private investors.
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