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With Skolkovo’s $160k, Kazan’s RealSpeaker polishes up speech recognition

24 Jan '13
RealSpeaker Lab, a resident of Kazan IT-Park in Tatarstan and of the Skolkovo innovation hub outside Moscow developing its advanced computer vision technology, has received a $160,000 grant from the Skolkovo Foundation for the improvement of its flagship speech recognition product and also for hiring more staff, reports Startobaza, a Kazan-based company and a corporate ‘business angel’ that last month invested in the start-up.

RealSpeaker Labs is reportedly creating a new product release for a range of gadgets and operating systems.

Enhancing the product’s user lip movement analysis capability is said to have boosted RealSpeaker’s accuracy in recognizing speech and presenting it as plain text compared to the international competition.

According to Viktor Osetrov, the CEO of RealSpeaker Lab already hailed in the expert circles as “Kazan Wunderkind (or “child prodigy”)”, the new product is a tool “capable of fanning a real revolution in the way man interacts with computer.”
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