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Chelyabinsk group develops Magnetic Fridge, now in Skolkovo

13 Sep '12
A team of developers from the department of physics of Chelyabinsk State University, South Urals, is advancing its Magnetic Fridge innovation project, business portal RBC reports.

The project is said to have been recently granted residency status in Skolkovo, Russias widely touted government-sponsored innovation hub under construction just outside Moscow. To develop the project a special company, Polyus, has been set up.

Magnetic Fridge is aimed at developing a commercial coolant unit based on the magnetic cooling principle (the ability of a magnetic material to change its temperature when exposed to a magnetic field) to be used in a household refrigerator.

The new unit is believed to be superior to conventional coolant systems as it reportedly offers (a) a 40% reduction of power consumption; (b) a fridges extended service life; (c) higher performance characteristics; (d) comparable market prices; (e) compactness; and (f) decreased harm to the environment.

The developers say they have completed talks over the use of the project results with a number of international leaders in refrigerator manufacturing, including Samsung, Indesit, Bosch and Haier.

According to Sergei Taskayev, the dean of the universitys department of physics, the project research led by Prof. Vasily Buchelnikov and his team began in earnest in 2005, and now the developers are designing a prototype. The Chelyabinsk group is pushing the project in collaboration with an array of contributors, including the Academician Makeyev Design Bureau, the Moscow Institute of Steels and Alloys, Moscow State University, the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and some international partners.
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