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Inter RAO UES’ $46m Skolkovo R&D unveiled

14 Aug '12
Russian energy company Inter RAO UES and the Skolkovo Foundation have agreed to develop Inter RAO’s own R&D center in Skolkovo, a government-sponsored innovation hub under construction outside Moscow, news agency RIA Novosti reports, adding that the energy firm wants to invest $46m in joint R&D operations with Skolkovo residents.

How much Inter RAO will pump into construction of the future R&D center in addition to the above amount has yet to be specified. The company has not outlined any schedule for construction, either.

The prospective building will reportedly accommodate the R&D center proper, as well as RAO UES’ corporate innovation project support fund and project commercialization hub.

Inter RAO UES is a Russian energy major running a number of generating and distribution assets both in Russia and abroad. The estimated installed capacity of the assets is a reported 29GW.

Last September Inter RAO set up a fund to support innovation called Energy Without Borders. The entity is expected to determine an innovation vector of the electrical energy sector’s development and finance related R&D.

As of July 1, 2012 the fund had a reported $60+m to manage, the Inter RAO official website reports. Over the next five years the fund will focus on projects aimed at boosting the efficiency of gas-driven heat and power plants and developing next gen 100-120MW coal energy units for heat and power plants.
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