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Chelyabinsk next gen dense fuel to power nuclear reactors

13 Aug '12
VNIITF, a Russian federal nuclear energy center located in Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, Southern Urals, has completed phase one of its government contract for the development of next gen dense fuel for fast neutron reactors, industry website Nuclear.ru reports citing a VNIITF source.

R&D reportedly includes the development of technology and the fine-tuning of methodology for researching into properties of dense fuel for fast neutron reactors. The work is being accomplished as part of a special federal nuclear technology development program for 2010-2015 and is regulated by a government contract and a separate contract between VNIITF and one of its partner companies, NII NPO Luch based in Podolsk, Moscow region.

The dense fuel project has reportedly brought together a group of nuclear energy companies; most of them are part of Russias largest government-owned nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, which is an umbrella for its many subsidiaries. The group includes TVEL (a Moscow-based nuclear fuel maker for Rosatom); Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Energy (Obninsk, Kaluga region); OKBM Afrikantov (Nizhny Novgorod); Bochvar VNIINM (Moscow); Dollezhal NIKIET (Moscow); and Siberian Chemicals, a company in Seversk, Tomsk region, where pilot production of dense fuel based fuel elements will be established, the source said.

The innovation dense fuel and the entire technology will be test-run in early 2013 on the BN-800 fast neutron reactor at the Beloyarskaya nuclear power station in Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region, Urals.
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