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Tatarstan and RVC set up international VC fund

3 Feb '12
The Investment-Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and Russian Venture Company have set up an international venture fund on a parity basis, with an onjective to join international venture funds that specialize in investment into innovation companies, RVC reports.

In order for the Republic of Tatarstan to cooperate with foreign venture funds and technological companies, the Investment-Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan has developed a concept of creating international venture funds. The concept realization will bring private investment into the region, enable transfer of technological companies into the Republic of Tatarstan, encourage investment in leading global innovation companies, as well as support creation of the efficient innovation infrastructure in the region. Creation of the IVF RT and RVC's joint international venture fund is the first practical example of the concept realization.

The strategy of Russian Venture Company implies establishment of long-term relations with international venture funds on partnership, mutually beneficial conditions in order to get access to modern technologies they operate with, as well as information and business networks they member in. In the recent years Russian Venture Company created two international venture funds and got valuable experience of investing globally.

By setting up the joint international venture fund, the IVF RT and RVC will get access to the most advanced practices of searching, selecting and fulfilling venture deals, that can then be applied to the Russian market and help the players establish a constant presence in the international venture market among the leading global funds. In their turn, through cooperation with Russian Venture Company and the Investment-Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan the leading global funds will access the Russian market.
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